Re: Zone Weather (was: [CIRCLE] Fire Shield / Lightning Shield)

From: Cyberlord (
Date: 12/08/01

> [For those that INSIST that all posts be on topic:]  Has anyone ever tried
> modifying Circle so that each zone can have it's own weather (I didn't see
> any mention of anything like this on (developer|ftp)  If
> can you relate any pitfalls to watch out for? (Not looking for code, I
> wish to learn from others mistakes.)
>      Larry
> Larry Robinson
> :wq

We are thinking about seperate weather for zones. What I would *really* like
is to have weather patterns in each zone affect each other so that one dry
cold zone next to one warm wet one would produce more thunderstorms and
things like that. Unfortunately I think that would require a change in the
zone structure and code to figure out what zones are actually next to each

Maybe a room specific climate tag (you'd actually have to keep an eye on
this when building areas) that could set the average climate for that room
then maybe track somehow a zone in each of the cardinal directions and have
interactions between the zones that way.

This is probably out of most of our skills as weather forcasters, but would
lead to some interesting weather.

I just really hate being in a desert region when the snow falls and an
arctic region when it's sweltering hot. Maybe a room specific climate tag
that only allows up to rain in the desert and no snow, and then does not
allow sweltering heat in the arctic regions. Who knows! :)

My friend was talking about coding a whole eco-system structure. Having
preditor and prey for all the animal types (mammal, reptile, fish) and
giving them spec procs to hunt and evade. A cool idea, but probably a waste
of cpu cycles for a hack and slash mud where we don't care what the animals
are doing just so we can kill them for experience. :)

Anyway, time to cut my ramblings short and go back to coding the 'chain


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