Re: Zone Weather (was: [CIRCLE] Fire Shield / Lightning Shield)

From: Alex (
Date: 12/08/01


> I would highly assume it is on the ftp site right there to :)
as a note, that part of developer is a pointer straight into the ftp
server at:

Developer is an effort to provide a nicer front end to the FTP site's
content.  The reason for this is that the FTP server is easier to maintain
than the old /. style of the developer pages, and allows for more access

As a second site note (completely unrelated), we've (I've) started to go
through all of the documentation and convert it into LaTeX (since the old
sgml stuff that we have/had is no longer supported, doh!).  Thus far, I
have completed six documents which are available in pdf format online for
perusal and comment [see below for URL].

What does this mean in the grand scheme of things?
- We're finally going to have all of the old text documentation in
  pretty-print formats (ps, html, text).
- We're working towards getting rid of the OLD-DOCS directory as we update
  all of the documentation contained therein for the 3.x stuff.
- We're going to have all of the latest versions of the documentation
  online on the main CircleMUD webpages.
- We're going to finally finish coding.doc.  (=

The URL that the early copies of some of these documents is:

Please note the following before contacting me with comments or questions:
- The URL and documents may go away at any given time without warning
- The contents are still changing -- a lot
- I can only convert the documents so fast, so don't ask me why document X
  isn't up there yet.

If you see any typos, odd formatting bits, strange characters, or the like
in any of these, please let _ME_ know as soon as possible.  It will also
help to know what OS you are using, and what you are viewing the PDF files


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