Re: Zone weather

From: John (
Date: 12/08/01

Cyberlord wrote:
> We are thinking about seperate weather for zones. What I would
*really* like
> is to have weather patterns in each zone affect each other so that one
> cold zone next to one warm wet one would produce more thunderstorms
> things like that. Unfortunately I think that would require a change in
> zone structure and code to figure out what zones are actually next to
> other.

Hmmm, why bother worrying about which zone is linked to which zone?
Anything is virtually better than the current weather system of one
weather for the entire world.

I am planning to code a weather system (when I get around to weather
that is) like this:
each zone will have a "preferred" weather. Then each weather update, the
percentage for weather to deviate AWAY from the "preferred weather" is
less than towards it. Adjust up or down accordingly, or it may stay the
same. Remember, snow does happen to fall in deserts, and more often than
you think actually heh.

Something as simple as this will allow the control weather spell to be
easily implemented as well.

Instead of coding a complicated ecosystem, as you have said, I'd rather
spend my time concentrating on the hack'n'slash elements of the code.

Something like mob AI (NO! NO! I will not create true AI algorithms to
allow the mob to learn PC habits etc - sheesh, one of my coders asked
this hahahah!)

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