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Date: 12/08/01

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> Alex just moved my chain lightning snippet to the code/code/skills dir.
> (just fyi)


Took a look at it earlier this morning.

I'm still going my route, even though basically the only difference between
your way and mine is, I'm checking the room for targets every time the spell
fires and comparing the current target to a stored list of victims who have
already been hit. That way players/mobs can come and go in between the
"hops" and shouldn't cause to many problems. The only concern I have now is
if one of the stored victims dies, will my checking routine crash?

Just out of curousity, why did you choose to call your spell every pulse

I actually call my spell checking routine(we're going to have more spells
that act like this) every round and use a counter (stored in the spell
structure) to determine if the spell is ready to go again. This way we can
have multiple time delay or damage per round (or what ever we can dream up)
type spells going on at the same time.


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