Re: Zone Weather (was: [CIRCLE] Fire Shield / Lightning Shield)

From: Zerin (
Date: 12/08/01

Cyberlord said
We are thinking about seperate weather for zones. What I would *really*
is to have weather patterns in each zone affect each other so that one dry
cold zone next to one warm wet one would produce more thunderstorms and
things like that. Unfortunately I think that would require a change in the
zone structure and code to figure out what zones are actually next to each

Krenshala said
 Has anyone ever tried
modifying Circle so that each zone can have it's own weather (I didn't see
any mention of anything like this on (developer|ftp)  If
can you relate any pitfalls to watch out for?

Man I hate to point to the ftp site... or developer.. but the snippet
is right in front of your nose!

I would highly assume it is on the ftp site right there to :)

Now then for Cyberlord's idea upon differnt zone climates:
Maybe a room specific climate tag (you'd actually have to keep an eye on
this when building areas) that could set the average climate for that room
then maybe track somehow a zone in each of the cardinal directions and have
interactions between the zones that way.

Well simple set up some defines:

Then go into the code, spend about an hour interpeting these climates. (I
REALLY make the whole zone a climate, cause the overhead for the room
would be _to_ much)
I can go ahead an basically give a genral idea of how it would go....
if (zone_table(blah).climate == CLIMATE_MILD

   case CLIMATE_MILD: function(): break:
(excess my mess with switch, :P)

Then have some form of defaults incase climate is set to high or below
negative (we do
forget sometimes don't we) and add in messages and the such. Well that is
my idea, please
don't sue me for it :-)

"The bard that could"
"The bard that hopes his formating is right, and is kicking Outlook Express
for trying to
protect me from long lines!"

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