Re: Learning Skills/Spells Method

From: Mike Stilson (
Date: 12/09/01

On Sat, Dec 08, 2001 at 06:47:23PM -0500, Tiago Ratto wrote:
>Hi all !!!
>I was thinking in change the learnig method of skills/spells in my MUD.
>Something like the player gain knowledge on certain skill/spell using them.
>I'd like to discuss the ins and outs in using that method.
I do a mix of both ways.  You can practice each skill/spell up to a
certain minimum to use it, and a certain maximum that you can learn from
your class/race guildmaster.  It's pretty low usually, then when you use
it, successes can improve it, failures can lessen it. (Think of
lessening by failure as a serious lack of confidence in your ability or
something, that's our idea).  So far, most of the players seem to like
it, although some are using it to get more skills/spells on each
character than I prefer.  (Our idea is to balance things so we don't
have a bunch of clones walking around, and make chars choose what they
want each char to be like, ie: a cleric with just ALL defensive, a
cleric with all offensive, or somewhere in the middle.  not all spells
on all clerics).


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