[CODE] IS_CLASS function

From: krenshala (krenshala@jump.net)
Date: 12/10/01

I am currently looking at limits.c and noticed that checks for a particular
class are handled via IS_<CLASS>(ch) (e.g., IS_CLERIC(ch)).  I also see that
checks for particular AFF bitvectors are accomplished through the
AFF_FLAGGED(ch,<FLAG>) function.

Has anyone (aside from me :) considered coding an IS_CLASS(ch,<CLASS>)
function that can replace the IS_<CLASS>(ch) functions?  I would think this
make a nice simplification of the existing code. (I'm too tired right now to
even attempt writing it, or I would grep for the locations of the various
IS_<CLASS> functions and give it a try.  I've learned first hand what a bad
idea it is to code while tired.  Sometimes it works (sometimes REALLY well)
but it's usually gibberish when you look at it again. <G>)

Well, I'll be giving it a try later, and will probably post (to ftp)
something resembling instructions once I get it done and working. ;)


Larry Robinson

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