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Date: 12/14/01

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From: John Martira

I'm still a bit of a newbie but getting there. :-)

I'm curious:
Has the AFK command been discussed on here before?

In case it is something that is not on every mud
AFK= Away from keyboard.

 in every mud that I've been in previously, typing afk
 put an <afk> flag after the player's line in 'who'

I'm also looking for a suggestion on how to handle

I HATE this, but I'm sorry to point to the
ftp/developer site but...

Please visit:

These two sites contain 'snippets'  code written by
others for newbies to use freely for there code.
Also please read the wtfaq and the faq.  These will
help greatly on these easier questions. These documents
help everyone from expert coders down to newbie coders.

"The bard that just got Microsoft Outlook Xp"
P.S. I hope this isn't old, I just got a new email clients
And I'm attempting to get used to it.

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