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Date: 12/14/01

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From: John Martira

 You assume of course that I haven't already
 been to these sites and looked.

 I've been browsing them for ideas from day one
 and I've yet to find anything remotely useful
 for afk or clans.

 If they are there, have you any clue as to
 what directory they are likely to be found
 in. I'm not a novice to anything but being
 the head implementor. I know how to navigate
 and use these facilities... but to no avail.

You must have not looked hard enough :)

That isn't even half of them, also note that you can
Find this information on the ftp just like:

Since developer is a mirror of the ftp.

If there do not meet your standards, then I suggest
That you code one yourself =) ALWAYS more fun and
Exciment of codeing somethiner yourself.

"The bard that moos"

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