Re: Rent problem that's keeping me up at night (Read this one :)

From: Jamie Nay (jnay@IS2.DAL.CA)
Date: 12/20/01

>> OK, made some progress I think... changed the definition of the plrobjs
>> file in db.h from ":plrobjs:" to "plrobjs/".
>er... why was it ':plrobjs:'?  that's mac (pre-X) definition.

I have no idea, I noticed that as well. But it's a moot point now, I guess.

>what OS are you even running on?

I am running Windows 98, sorry for not mentioning that before.

>And read the FAQ before posting again.  Especially the bit about the
>rules of the list.

I read the rules. The only rule I "broke" was putting my text above the
text I was replying too, I think. Did I break any others? If so, let me
know. I know I also forgot to put a [NEWBIE] or whatever header on the
subject, but I discovered that after the fact and didn't think it was a
huge mistake for a first post.

But at any rate, this error is bugging me, I would appreciate help. It
seems to be writing the .objs file (i.e. rift.objs exists), but it's
written in binary, not ascii (isn't it supposed to be ascii? i thought
that's what xap objs were... newbie alert :).

Thanks for your patience.


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