Re: Rent problem that's keeping me up at night (Read this one :)

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 12/21/01

> But at any rate, this error is bugging me, I would appreciate help. It
> seems to be writing the .objs file (i.e. rift.objs exists), but it's
> written in binary, not ascii (isn't it supposed to be ascii? i thought
> that's what xap objs were... newbie alert :).
        Since I wrote em, I know that xap objs can be a bit ... complex.
I'll assume that when you patched it in, that you knew the code well
enough to do it correctly.  I know you had to make some fixes because the
code was originally written waaay back when .. for like bpl8, and updated
slightly for .. I think, bpl11 right before I released it.

        This is important, because later versions of the xapobjs code
included the auto-equip code in them (circle did not have it in it at the
time!).  This is also the part that I had the MOST trouble with, when
writing it, since auto-eq was not a very clean patch to begin with.

        To make it worse, the autoeq function calls and areas where they
were inserted have been shuffled around a bit from the patch to the full
integration; so even if you get the functional portions integrated
correctly, you may have to 'fix' the calls to those functions.

        Depending on where you are in the progress of your mud, it may be
easiest to grab a scratch copy (or at least a scratch copy of the affected
files) and patch by hand, line-by-line.

        That's what I'd look at first.

        However, there's also a few more steps, like the integration
process, the first run, and the conversion.  These are listed in the
readme document that should be with/near the patch.  Those are tricky, but
realize that you have to either delete all pre-existing objects and change
a variable so xapobjs are on, boot with the command-line argument for xap
objs being on, or run the converter while your mud is up, and then cause
the xapobjs to be turned on either in code or by the command line
argument.  You can always toggle the state of xapobjs from within the mud
with the.. i think.. xapobjs command (LVL_IMPLEMENTOR only, unless I was
stupid about it)

        If you're still getting binary objects, my guess is that you
haven't turned on xap objs in one of the plethora of ways.  If it's
erasing your eq on load though, you may have mixed up some of the switches
where it determines if xapobjs is on or not - it could be trying to load
up ascii-style and failing.

        So many things could have gone wrong.. i suggest you go through
the patch by hand, it's the only real way to get it right.


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