[NEWBIE] Command parsing

From: Synikal (dr0q@lvcm.com)
Date: 12/22/01

I have some strange occurances in circle bpl19 . when I try to use
abbreviations as arguments (i.e.  ca instead of cat) for any command, it
doesn't recognize that the cat is in the room or in my inv, etc etc..
But in my circle bpl17 install this works fine. is there any reason it
was changed? If so, how can I get it to imitate bpl17's behavior..

Examples (bpl19)
The Temple Square
   You are standing on the temple square.  Huge marble steps lead up to
temple gate.  The entrance to the Clerics' Guild is to the west, and the
Grunting Boar Inn, is to the east.  Just south of here you see the
square, the center of Midgaard.
[ Exits: n e s w ]
A large fountain carved from blue-streaked marble is here, bubbling
A cityguard stands here.

500/500 0 > k guar
They aren't here.

500/500 0 > k guard
You chop him to pieces!  Ah!  The blood!
Your blood freezes as you hear the cityguard's death cry.

500/500 0 > eq
You are using:
      <worn on body>       some White Rook Armour ..It has a soft
glowing aura!

500/500 0 > rem roo
You don't seem to be using a roo.

500/500 0 > rem rook
You stop using some White Rook Armour.

Thanks in advance!
Derek L. Finch

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