Wait states and Perform Violence

From: Zizazat Lazuras (zizazat@hotmail.com)
Date: 12/27/01

Ok, I am ready to pull out my hair.

What I am trying to do is this, make a mob use a skill without having to
create a special procedure for it.

I have already done this:
Assigned classes to mobs.
Assigned skills to mobs.

So a mob classed as a warrior is the same as a pc classed as a warrior (same
skills each level etc). For the sake of simplicity I have assisgned skill
values based on a level formual at boot time in db.c

The problem comes in when I get into fight.c, specifically perform_violence.

I don't think I understand what this function is supposed to be doing. It
looks like it loops through the combat_list and checks some things for
sanity (no longer fighting for example) also, if the GET_MOB_WAIT > 0 it
drops out of the loop and misses the hit at the bottom.

So what is happening is when I try to call a small function check
mob_warrior(ch) the mob ONLY kicks every 3 rounds but never gets to the
hit() below.

This really isn't right, because PCs can perform a kick every 3 rounds AND
keep hitting all the while.

What further confuses me is right below the check:
if (IS_NPC(ch)) {
      if (GET_WAIT_STATE(ch) > 0) {

      GET_WAIT_STATE(ch) = 0;
      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The wait state is reset to 0 each time?!?

I would like some help understand what is happening here and what the logic
behind it is. Also, I have changed GET_MOB_WAIT references to GET_WAIT_STATE
since they appear to be the same thing?

#define GET_MOB_WAIT(ch)      GET_WAIT_STATE(ch)
/* New, preferred macro. */
#define GET_WAIT_STATE(ch)    ((ch)->wait)



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