Re: Wait states and Perform Violence

From: Mike Breuer (
Date: 12/27/01

From: "Zizazat Lazuras"
-- snip --
> This really isn't right, because PCs can perform a kick every 3 rounds AND
> keep hitting all the while.
The reason you're seeing different behavior is that WAIT_STATE is used
differently for NPC's and PC's.  For PC's, a positive WAIT_STATE will delay
the processing of any typed commands, but combat rounds will continue
normally.  For NPC's, a positive wait state will cause a skip of a round of
combat.  By default, the WAIT_STATE is set to 3 * PULSE_VIOLENCE in do_kick,
so... mobs would skip three rounds of combat, while PC's would be unable to
type any commands (like flee, drink potion, etc), for three rounds.

>       GET_WAIT_STATE(ch) = 0;
>       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ The wait state is reset to 0 each time?!?
This ensures that the WAIT_STATE is no less than 0.  If it is greater than
0, this line is never reached.

> #define GET_MOB_WAIT(ch)      GET_WAIT_STATE(ch)
> /* New, preferred macro. */
> #define GET_WAIT_STATE(ch)    ((ch)->wait)
The comment says it all.


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