Re: [NEWBIE][CIRCLE]Copyover

From: Karl B Buchner (
Date: 01/07/02

> But this all seems like you're compensating for having to save all
> the
> time.  Instead, make OLC save down to disk directly instead of
> having to
> call *edit save <znum> every time you wish to save something.  This
> is
> easily done by placing a call to *edit_save_to_disk() (for OasisOLC
> at
> least) right where it saves to memory in your *edit.c file.  That
> way,
> things are always saved, and nothing will be lost over crashes,
> reboots, or
> copyovers.

This eats up a lot of processor time may be saving a
large file many times...especialy if someone is trying to perfect
a script, and has to make numerous small changes, which would
each require a full saving of the file.

It would be possible to write a function that cycles through the
list of modified zones and saves each one.  This could be a
useful command, and could also be called whenever the MUD
goes down for a copyover.

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