Re: Ideas

From: Alex (
Date: 01/07/02

> 1) CircleMUD only comes with one town Midgaard which actually doesn't come
> with that great descriptions, but I can't put the blame on the circleMUD
> creators because writing circleMUD is hard enough with limited time
we didn't write it.  it is a zone that dates from the original DikuMud

zones that we've touched have my name (furry) or the past world
maintainer's name (derkhil) on them.

there are other areas in the contrib/ section, but we didn't want to
release a full world, just enough to playtest with, and enough to give a
decent example of how things work.

> 2) Well I hate autopatches and if you discover the patch after you've
> edited your MUD then you have to do it by hand.
this shows you how the code in said patch actually works.

in fact, no matter how things work, people will always complain.  that is
the nature of things.

> Does anyone think that UNIX will eventually get extinguished and windows
> will take over MUD coding.
nope.  unix will always be around.  it has proven (in the long run) to be
significantly more stable than windows based systems, and heck, Apple uses
it as the basis for their new OS.  don't expect it to disappear for a long


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