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From: Gerald Florence (
Date: 01/07/02

As a long-time winblows user and I'll say this...unless Winblows makes a
dramatic improvement in both it's capabilities and security, I seriously
doubt Windows can even come close to the handling power of *nix.  Yes, I am
using Winblows (XP of all versions, it came with my laptop and I haven't
gotten Windows 2k to replace it).

I do agree with you that patch should not be used, especially for newbies,
but as you said, they stop working once your mud gets away from stock mud.

As for ideas, I, too, had been toying with the idea of putting out a posting
for discussing ideas and game balance but I've nixed it since this is really
a forum for mud coding.  What does everyone else think?

I have an idea where we should put up a heavily documented stock mud and
post it for newbies to download and understand.  I am in the process of
doing the annotation but I'm still debating on uploading it.  On the one
hand, we can save a lot of newbie questions  by directing them to the
annotated version, but, on the other hand, newbies benefit more if they go
through the code themselves and study how it works and playing with it.
Right now, I'm leaning to the latter.

I also have an idea of taking out levels (or at least making them invisible
to the player).  I've been toying with this idea in my mind but could not
figure out a good way to give the experience of progress to the player.  Now
I've thought of using skills as a form of progress but what happens when
they've maxed out the skill?  Have the skills degrade over time if not used?
All this falls under game balance.  Not only you have to learn C and code
but you need to be a game designer and consider game balance.  Every idea
you have, has the possibility of changing the game balance.

I can say a whole lot more but I'll sign off and let someone else run with
the conversation.  I do find this topic very interesting and would like to
continue it, even if we continue it in different threads.

Gerald Florence (Septe)

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