Re: Running CircleMUD in windows

From: Gerald Florence (
Date: 01/07/02

>tedit and aedit, and DG scripts. And Del replied me and it seems his bundle
>doesn't work that well on WINDOWS. So can anyone get me one that does work
>in windows with what I want? I know it's kind of being picky, but I'm a
>VERY Newbie coder so I'm not very good with adding stuff in especially with
>patching, I know it's patch <xxx.patch but stuff always goes wrong with it
>when I do it.

I consider myself a newbie and I'm currently studying a basic circlemud
stock patch 19 with OASIS and dg scripts and I'm annotating it since in my
opinion, the code is minimally documented.  I have played with the bundles
and I've gotten most of them to work.  Which bundle are you interested in?
I might be able to help you work with one to get them to work, though, I
think that you should work with some stock that's closer to basic rather
than using one of the bundles.  Also, (I will shout this) DO NOT USE patch
program!!!  As a newbie, always handcode it so you know what it is doing.
In any case, once you start bringing your mud from basic stock, you largely
can't use patch to patch things in since they're coming from stock mud.

There are a few bundles I couldn't get to work on Winblows.  Greymud is one.
I looked at the code and there's too much of it that's Linux specific.
Also, it's heavily modified and even if you did get it to run, you'll have a
mud that looks a heck of a lot like Greymud.  There are a couple of what I
think is a common error.  I'll have to go back and recompile a bundle and
write down exactly what this error is.  Bamud has this error as do a couple
of others.

Gerald Florence (Septe)

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