From: Chaotichavok (nhlstar6@YAHOO.COM)
Date: 01/07/02

Sorry if there already is an ideas message topic.

Well I made this with the intention of getting people talking about ideas
for a new circleMUD, new snippets that they do not have the skill to write
but are actually quite interesting ideas. Even for people who do have the
skill but do not have the time. New functions also.

Okay I guess I get to go first. I have a few ideas so I'll just put them
here. [Note: These ideas might already be published, sorry if they are.]

1) CircleMUD only comes with one town Midgaard which actually doesn't come
with that great descriptions, but I can't put the blame on the circleMUD
creators because writing circleMUD is hard enough with limited time, it's
great that they even wrote a zone. I think that people with great writing
talents should redo (or create new towns), to submit to circleMUD, not just
for area contributions but to actually be released with circleMUD.

Well that may be a stupid idea, but people think their ideas are dumb and
they don't post them even though they may be exceptionally good.

2) Well I hate autopatches and if you discover the patch after you've
edited your MUD then you have to do it by hand. And sometimes patches are
hard to understand for newbie coders, so therefore I suggest more
instructional things like very well explained because those are extremely
easy to understand, which makes MUD coding alot easier.

3) Well this isn't actually an Idea it's a question.

Does anyone think that UNIX will eventually get extinguished and windows
will take over MUD coding. (This is ever so not like within a year or two
but in 10, 20, 30 or maybe even more, [maybe windows won't even exist

Well anyone who reads this thanx, hope I can get a good debate/discussion
going here.

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