Re: [NEWBIE][CIRCLE]Copyover

From: Gerald Florence (
Date: 01/07/02

I'd like to point out that when doing copyover or for that matter any
function, consider that the command might not work for the winblows version
of Circlemud.  I've downloaded many extended bundles of stock with patches
put in and copyover was one of them.  I've had to block out copyover just to
get it to compile and work in Winblows.  (I know I should be using Linux and
I will but all I have right now is Winblows)  Anyways, I know it's not a
requirement but as a possibility, would it be possible to put in
conditionals to short circuit commands that are Linux specific?  If not,
it's okay, I'll get myself to speed on C and put them in myself and upload
it.  It would probably save a lot of questions and frustrations when other
newbies using winblows download the bundles and try to use them.  The
particular bundle I'm thinking of is the circlemud17extended, I believe.


Gerald Florence (Septe)

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