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From: krenshala (
Date: 01/08/02

On Tue, Jan 08, 2002 at 06:55:41PM -0500, Bejhan Jetha was heard to say:

> I was wondering if i could make a function so an IMP could set their level
> to like 2 just to test something but they could set it back?

It would probably be better (and safer) to just create a second character
that the IMP would manipulate.  You want to test something with him at lvl
2, make Cedrik lvl2.  You want to see how fast someone can move with a low
str and a heavy weight, make Cedirk weak (str 7) and load him up with eq.
When you are done with him, delete him (or hang on to him for when you
need to test soemthing else new in yoru mud).

I plan to have the imp, a grgod, a cedrik, and then my character for me to
use on my own mud.  The first is for doing imp only stuff, the next two
are for being a god and testing, and finally my own character so I can
play too. <G>


Larry Robinson

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