Re: Archery

From: jh Jth (
Date: 01/08/02

Hey can you check your e-maiL?

  Karl B Buchner <> wrote: >What if
> a player fires through a tunnel and the mob cant chase through
> because
> of that? Well, that is a smart tactic by the player and should be
> encouraged! In fact, a smart world builder should understand all
> the
> strengths and weaknesses of each command and try to build their
> zones in
> such a way that makes pure hack-and-slash a mucher harder
> proposition.
First, I'm not entirely sure mobs can't enter full tunnel rooms, but
if they can:
A first level guy standing in a tunnel at the entrance to the
GREAT WYRM OF DEATH's lair, and shooting it to death with
a shortbow that deals 1-2 damage because the WYRM can't leave
his hole when a player is in the way is rather unrealistic and
As would any higer level mob that spawns next to a tunnel. (Unless that
mob had archery and could shoot back :D)

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