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Date: 01/07/02

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> I need a circleMUD bundle that works for me!

For the last friggin time, there is no package that has all the you
beaut features that you absolutely have to have all bundled into one
nice neat package that just installs out of a box! Even commercial
software cant guarantee that!

You want to start a mud that has all the features of one you have
played? It aint happening - those muds have been worked on for a long
time to reach that stage and most people arent going to just give you a
copy (unless you are blessed).

So here's a clue that I wont charge you - learn to code in C, learn the
stock CircleMUD code, and learn the basic editing techniques of your
operating system. You do not have to be an expert in any of these
areas - even a novice can survive but you will have to LEARN something!
If this is too hard for you - then dont run a mud. Its a commitment to
run a mud.

Once you know all the basics, you will then be able to find all the
various patches and put them in and even debug them! If you still cant
debug some problems, this list is here to help. This list is not here to
do all the work for you though.

So some basic starts:-
*nix O/S
grep, gdb, patch, make, and some editing commands (vi? heheh)
PS: This is about all I know of *nix stuff and I survived.

Use any compiler that allows you to search for strings. MSVC6++ is
pretty good and the instructions released in the docs works!

Can we have a card system where if someone makes an inane post they are
yellow carded? And of course, two yellow cards make a red card and
perhaps after two red cards, they get kicked to the newbie list? I
really really would want to have this list used for genuine questions
and debugging but recently, its been degenerated into requests for
can-someone-code-me-a-feature-which-I-havent-even-done-anything-on, etc

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