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Date: 01/08/02

From: Chaotichavok <nhlstar6@YAHOO.COM>

> Okay I've found that alot of CircleMUD code bases DO NOT work in windows.
> So I previously asked where I can get CircleMUD 3.0 Bl 19 with OLC, hedit,
> tedit and aedit, and DG scripts. And Del replied me and it seems his
> doesn't work that well on WINDOWS. So can anyone get me one that does work
> in windows with what I want? I know it's kind of being picky, but I'm a
> VERY Newbie coder so I'm not very good with adding stuff in especially
> patching, I know it's patch <xxx.patch but stuff always goes wrong with it
> when I do it.
> If no one can get me what I want, I just got CircleMUD 3.0 Bl 19 and I
> a patch which adds OLC 2.1+ but it says it's for CircleMUD 3.0 Bl 14 so
> not sure if it will work and I tried it and it never worked... kept
> errors like file does not exist and stuff. And I also have DG scripts, but
> this would be OKAY if patches worked for me.
> So if anyone could help I would appreciate it,
> Chaotichavok

While I can't get you the modified code you want (as I am not using ANY of
the patches/snippets you list my code won't help you) I -CAN- offer some

If you are as new to Circle as you say (which I am as well) I would
recommend that you take the base code, compile it and fix any
errors/warnings you get back before you put in ANY patches.  Then start
adding patches by hand one at a time, compiling between each.  This serves
two purposes:  1) you get to go through the code using a roadmap of sorts
(if you know what the patch is adding, it helps you understand the code it
is modifying), and 2) by installing the patches incrementally, you know
exactly which one is the cause of any errors you may encounter.  After you
get a patch installed and compilign without errors/warning, move to the next
patch and repeat.  By the time you have all the additions you listed above
installed and working you should know quite a bit about your code.

In case you are wondering, this is how -I- am doing it, so I know it works.
(Oh, and try not to make HUGE changes to the code all at once without
incremental compiles or you could spend one hell of a time finding the
actual coding error. :)


Larry Robinson

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