Re: Running CircleMUD in windows

From: Karl B Buchner (
Date: 01/08/02

If anyone is interested, I have a stock/patched code that is
based on Del's package (I think) and has some added things
and the modifications necessary for it to compile under windows
(I compiled it myself under MSVC 4.2).  Patches include OLC,
DGScripts, Assemblies, Color, ASCII Pfiles, XapObjs, Aedit,
Iedit (I think), and possibly other modifications that I made myself
(I did this about half a year ago, so I can't remember exactly).
The stock code is bpl18 or possibly bpl17.  If anyone wants a copy,
send me a personal email (, please don't spam list)
and I'll contact you to arrange how to transfer it (ICQ is good).

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