Midgaard (was: Ideas)

From: krenshala (krenshala@jump.net)
Date: 01/08/02

From: Alex <fletchra@QSILVER.QUEENSU.CA>

> > 1) CircleMUD only comes with one town Midgaard which actually doesn't
> > with that great descriptions, but I can't put the blame on the circleMUD
> > creators because writing circleMUD is hard enough with limited time
> we didn't write it.  it is a zone that dates from the original DikuMud
> days.
> zones that we've touched have my name (furry) or the past world
> maintainer's name (derkhil) on them.
> there are other areas in the contrib/ section, but we didn't want to
> release a full world, just enough to playtest with, and enough to give a
> decent example of how things work.

heheh.  The second thing I did was delete the original world files (the
first was to create a backup copy of stock circle that compiles, stock world
and all).  Midgaard is great as an example and is a bit lacking for a "real"
mud world, but that's how it's supposed to be. :)

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