Re: CircleMUD Bundles

From: Karl B Buchner (
Date: 01/08/02

> Adding archery code isn't hard, heck half of the stuff you need
> (bows and arrows)
> is already there. However, suddenly being able to fire into the next
> room raises
> a lot of design issues.

And of course firing into another room is not in keeping with the
principles of archery.  You generally shoot at things you can see
(ie, in same room.)  One non-circle MUD that i've played
had a grouping system (it didn't involve archery, but could be modified
to) that allowed each member of the group to either be in the front,
the middle, or the back (3 chars max in each position).  Being in the
back meant you almost never got a weapon hit in, but almost never got
hit yourself (an ideal place for mages, just stand back and fire spells).
An archery system could use this same grouping form, and a person with
a bow would get no penalty for being in the back or middle rows, as they
can shoot at the mob while the tank holds it off.

Also, if anyone is familiar with the new Lord of the Rings CCG, that
archery system could be used.  Basically, whenever combat is initiated,
any character's with bows equiped get a couple free shots at their
before melee erupts.

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