Re: Ideas

From: Karl B Buchner (
Date: 01/08/02

>         Elsewhere, the stock world is barren of apparent intelligent
> life.
> Even though midgaard is only 5 or 10 squares away from the castle
> though,
> no one acknowledges it's presence.  No one cares if you've found
> 'the Old
> Ring' behind the cabinet in Moria, and if Rome is still around, you
> can go
> merrily along and anhiliate Jupiter or Mars without even a whisper
> of a
> problem.

I agree entirely.  I think that mobact.c should be rewritten as a much
larger and effective file.  This should include a rudimentary "eliza"
type artificial intellegence that could be read in from a file.  With
this done, builders could start adding true life to their creations.
I have expirimented with such a theme, and got it working.  It's
based on databases that can be added to mobs. I have a basic knowlege
database, as well as scholar and several databases for single mobs.
Each mob could recieve an unlimited number of databases, so you can
layer them according to intellegence.

>         I think that the world we provide should not be just a
> couple
> of random zones, but instead, a fully fledged game.
>         To those who would protest using the old argument of 'We
> provide
> the bare bones, it's up to you to improve' - I say poppycock.  The
> world
> files that are provided with CircleMUD are only there for examples
> sake;
> to help the new admin or worldbuilder get their sea-legs.  Provide
> an
> exciting example for everyone to live up to, and you'll get a great
> increase in attention.

Of couse, if a fully playable and interesting world is provided w/ stock,
many people could not create a better one, and we would have a bunch
of clone MUDs.  If all you can get is some disconnected zones like there
are in stock, you are encouraged to make your own unique world that is
more interesting.

Instead, I think that there should be one extremely well built zone, that
demonstrates great world building, but is relatively small (300 rooms,
maybe.)   Included could be a small city, a wilderness area and a
It would demonstrate correct world building without providing a crutch
for coders.  I've seen way too many MUDs with Midgaard to think what
would happen if stock included a truly excelent world.

>         I apply this to patches as well.  They are code which tell
> me
> exactly what was intended, in a manner more accurate and precise
> than any
> step-by-step guide ever could.  You just have to read it, and it
> tells you
> exactly what to do.

So true.  And for those who don't understand diff (patch) files,
there is a great tutorial on them on the CircleMUD site, and if you
can't understand a patch file after reading it once or twice, you
probably can't learn to program either.

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