From: Jason Pay (
Date: 01/10/02

> Please help me!!
> If you go into into your doc file read README.MSVC6 I
> did all that
> and run my mud at my IP address port 4000 so lets say
> telnet:// wont run and it wont run on
> zMUD got and
> ideas? Im stuck!!! Please help the circle file loads
> fine and it says
> Enterting Game Loop.
> No connectiosn going to sleep.
> Anyone please e-mail ur ideas on what i can do at
> please i really want to run a mud!

you mentioned you can start circle and it sleeps, but you cant telnet to the
Dont know if anyone has mentioned this, but on windows you need to have the
telnet 'service' started to be able to connect.
 if you can telnet to the ip/port on the same system you are running circle
on then other systems on the local LAN should be able to connect aswell.
 if you can connect to the server from the same system but not other systems
on your local LAN then the system running circle must have some sort of
firewall s/w blocking the ports.
 if you want to have the mud visable from the internet it must be running on
the system connected to the cable modem. (as mentioned in another mail)

anyhow it sounds to me like all the problem is, is that you havent started
the telnet service on the wondows box your running circle on, - you can test
if your windows system is running the telnet service by just telnet'ing to
the workstation address without a port number, you should be able to connect
with a user/pass thats valid for that system.

anyhow, hope this helps.

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