From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/10/02

> > and run my mud at my IP address port 4000 so lets say
> > telnet:// wont run and it wont run on
> > zMUD got and
> > ideas? Im stuck!!! Please help the circle file loads
> > fine and it says
> > Enterting Game Loop.
> > No connectiosn going to sleep.

        Ouch. If I haven't mentioned it before, here's one link that I
guarentee will help;

        Sorry about the linewrap on that one.

> you mentioned you can start circle and it sleeps, but you cant telnet to
> the address/port. Dont know if anyone has mentioned this, but on windows
> you need to have the telnet 'service' started to be able to connect.

        Er. No you don't.  If you're running a version of windows that has
a telnet service (usually accessed via control panel->services (NT), or
control panel->administrative tools->services (Win2000 +), or also via IIS
in some cases), you can run it, but it only allows connection as if you
were running a telnet server.  That means port 23, via standard telnet and
gives you a dos interface.  That's it.  Doesn't affect your CircleMUD in
any way.

        The only thing you need to allow a connection to the mud port on
your machine (aside from including wsock32.lib in your compile) is that
you have networking installed and the TCP/IP suite particularlly.  This is
the default install of everything microsoft that is not a win 3.11,95, or
98 version.

        However, if you do have win2000 or older, you can start up that
service and check to see if you can telnet to it to see if that works, as
the previous message suggests.


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