Re: [newbie] BuildWalk

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/10/02

> Ive run various packages/distributions of circle (so far not setteling on
> any particular one)

        As far as I know, there's really only one CircleMUD distribution,
though there are a few released mud bases, they're rarely updated,
versioned, released in a timely manner, or directly supported.  I could be
wrong, of course.

> I want to have a buildwalk function - ive downloaded a patch from the ftp
> site called buildwalk, BUT so far i havent found a distrubtion or a
> combination or circlebpl1X and OLC2.X combination which works,

        As for the pre-patched CircleMUD packages, really, they're never
going to have literally EVERYTHING you want, but rather, a few large
packages which everyone puts in their mud right away, like olc, dg
scripts, etc.

        For the buildwalk function you mentioned, it's made for "circlemud
3.0 bpl18 with OasisOLC v2", and it seems pretty straightforward (though,
I haven't tested that it actually works).  If it doesn't seem to work for
your particular version, just fix it so it does.

> When applying the patch several hunks of code fail to patch successfully,

        Patches do that, even for the same version of code that they were
made for, especially if you've been heavily relying on 3'd party patches.
It should take almost no effort for someone to correctly insert the failed
hunks, even if they didn't know how to program.

        That having been said, it sounds like you don't know how to
program.  Do not alter your code if you cannot understand what you're
doing.  I don't mean, "Don't touch if you can't see what the result is."
I mean, if you don't understand which memory gets allocated, or where the
data is stored on a character struct, or how to compare strings, etc, then
don't touch it.  Don't patch it, don't change strings or integers,
literally, don't touch it.

        If you cannot program, do not try to make changes to your code,
install patches, etc.  First, learn how to write C code.  Then actually do

        You may want to search the list archives for books on C

        Sorry if this sounds like a harsh rebuff, but this is just not the
place to learn basic C programming, or to get others to do your work for
you. Not only is it not the place but you may find that over time, people
will actually become somewhat upset with you.  In comparison to what
others may say, I'm trying to let you down easy.

        Consider it like a bar-to-entry.  If you want to change the code,
you need to understand what the heck you're doing first.

End of lecture.


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