Re: [newbie] BuildWalk

From: Jason Pay (
Date: 01/10/02

> > Ive run various packages/distributions of circle (so far
> not setteling on
> > any particular one)
>         As far as I know, there's really only one CircleMUD
> distribution,
> though there are a few released mud bases, they're rarely updated,
> versioned, released in a timely manner, or directly
> supported.  I could be
> wrong, of course.

what I meant by distrubtion was as you say a pre-patched version.

> > I want to have a buildwalk function - ive downloaded a
> > patch from the ftp
> > site called buildwalk, BUT so far i havent found a distrubtion or a
> > combination or circlebpl1X and OLC2.X combination which works,

The patch says its for circle3.0bpl18 with OLCV2. I have tryed this
combination and the patch failed to work, I have tryed the patch on
circle3.0bpl18 with sevaral versions of OLC including some of the older

>         As for the pre-patched CircleMUD packages, really, they're never
> going to have literally EVERYTHING you want, but rather, a few large
> packages which everyone puts in their mud right away, like olc, dg
> scripts, etc.

Well buildwalk seemed like a usefull addition to packages everyone else
seems to add right away, thats why i asked if anyone has already made
a pre-packaged version including buildwalk.

>         For the buildwalk function you mentioned, it's made
> for "circlemud
> 3.0 bpl18 with OasisOLC v2", and it seems pretty
> straightforward (though,
> I haven't tested that it actually works).  If it doesn't seem
> to work for your particular version, just fix it so it does.

as you say, you havent tested it, I wanted to know if anyone had
had the same problem with the buildwalk patch other than myself.
AND i have downloaded circle3.0bpl17 to 19 and installed each
without problems and installed various patches to each also
without problems, and again i was interested if anyone else had
had the same problem with the buildwalk patch.

> > When applying the patch several hunks of code fail to patch
> > successfully,
>         Patches do that, even for the same version of code
> that they were
> made for, especially if you've been heavily relying on 3'd
> party patches.
> It should take almost no effort for someone to correctly
> insert the failed
> hunks, even if they didn't know how to program.

As i said, i used stock versions of the circle distrubtions
and stock versions of olc applied, I also tryed the patch
on pre-patched versions of circle.

And yes if i didnt think that maybe someone else hadent come
across the same problem then i wouldnt have posted the message.
further to this - yes i could have checked out the patch and
manualy inserted the code, BUT again has anyone else had the
same problem before i go ahead and do this.

>         That having been said, it sounds like you don't know how to
> program.  Do not alter your code if you cannot understand what you're
> doing.  I don't mean, "Don't touch if you can't see what the
> result is."
> bla bla bla

No i dont profess to be a programmer but that doesnt mean i cant program,
to a certain extent. - i have to write korn scripts for aix environments
every day. Im not familiar with c but i can apply what i know to it. I
can read the code but im not real great at getting code i write myself
to work first time.

anyhow to summerise if noone else has used this buildwalk patch then
 ill work it out myself, NP. but if anyone has anything to mention
about the patch that mite be usefull, somthing like, 'the patch doesnt
 work' or 'dont use it' ect then that would be a little nore usefull.

anyhow thanks for the lecture.


jason AKA SED

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