Re: Autorun

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/11/02

> Well okay I tried doing ./autorun & because I am using a UNIX emulator. But
> it keeps saying bin not found.

        I'm going to task a shot in the dark here, and assume you're
running in windows, using cygwin tools (which are not unix emulators).  If
this is the case, then I also assume that you did not look in the /doc
directory and read the README.CYGWIN document which shows you how to
execute the autorun program.

        If I'm wrong, I can accept that.  I don't have any idea what
you're doing wrong based on the information you've given (which is fairly
scant).  I can only assume that the bin/circle call is failing because the
slash goes the other way and you're running it in windows

ps if it is cygwin, try using bash shell

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