Re: [newbie] BuildWalk

From: Jason Pay (
Date: 01/11/02

Hi all,
Thanks for all your responces,
I'd just like to make a few points.

1. I can program - mayby not as well as most who have contrib'd
to my original message. And altho im proly below average in C,
that doesnt mean I can't program and should go back to school.

2. I have no problem working things out for myself, I can read the
circle code well enougth to work out how it works and I am sure
that one day I will be able to contribrute somthing usefull to
this list.

3. If this list is for ex-sperts only then blody well say so!

Having said that -

I read thru most of the messages (signed up on 29/10/01) and I
have accessed the messages archive on several occasions. I have
used the ftp site many many times. I have run circle3.0blp17
thru 19 on linux/win2k (compiled using MSVC) and running under
cygwin. I have also patched many different versions of olc
dgscripts and applied various addon patches and edited the
code manualy adding in snips. I have read thru many circle
'add this feature' tutorials all with much success.
I have also messed up several times and have had to fix code
which i have botched up - also with success.

Now in regard to my original message -

1. Has anyone used the buildwalk patch?
2. Did it patch without a problem using the circlebpl18 with OLC2?
3. Has anyone made a pre-patched circle including buildwalk?
( I asked this question because it would be a good idea. If no one
else has done this, then maybe I mite put it togther and submit it.)

Now if these questions are too hard to answer without giving a
lecture please dont bother, but if you have somthing usefull to
tell me I would appreciate the information.

Finaly - I would like to thank all the people who contribrute
usefull and helpfull information to this list, and to all the
people who contribrute to the ongoing development and expansion
of this fine product.


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