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From: John Creo (Intox@Cybercomm.Net)
Date: 01/11/02

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> I read thru most of the messages (signed up on 29/10/01) and I
> have accessed the messages archive on several occasions. I have
> used the ftp site many many times. I have run circle3.0blp17
> thru 19 on linux/win2k (compiled using MSVC) and running under
> cygwin. I have also patched many different versions of olc
> dgscripts and applied various addon patches and edited the
> code manualy adding in snips. I have read thru many circle
> 'add this feature' tutorials all with much success.
> I have also messed up several times and have had to fix code
> which i have botched up - also with success.
> Now in regard to my original message -
> 1. Has anyone used the buildwalk patch?
> 2. Did it patch without a problem using the circlebpl18 with OLC2?
> 3. Has anyone made a pre-patched circle including buildwalk?
> ( I asked this question because it would be a good idea. If no one
> else has done this, then maybe I mite put it togther and submit it.)
 The patch itself did not just run thru, I had to hand patch it in, but it
works fine and gives me no problems. If you want some help, feel free to
send me an email or something and I can see what I can do. I can;t find the
past messages you posted and I don't have the free time right now to look
thru the archive =) .

> Regs,
> Jason AKA SED
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