Re: More Immortal Level Positions and Renaming Them Problems

From: John Creo (Intox@Cybercomm.Net)
Date: 01/12/02

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Subject: [CIRCLE] More Immortal Level Positions and Renaming Them Problems

> Okay I found another problem too. I want to change the Immortal Levels on
> Circlemud and even add in some more. Here they are: (From Structs.h I
> thought I'tried something while I wait for a response for my other one.)
> #define LVL_OWNER         107
> #define LVL_CODER         106
> #define LVL_PR_SECURITY   104
> #define LVL_TERRAFORMER   103
> #define LVL_TRAINEE       102
> #define LVL_IMMORTAL      101

From what I can think of, I ran into the same problem. But It seems to be
fixed now. When your defining the levels for each class in class.c It goes
to whatever your max is then the default case. From looking through my files
of structs.h and class.c I defined up to 50 levels, but I defined level 51
THAC0's so which I think, if your only allowing players to level 100, then
define a THAC0 for level 101 then allow the default. Then everything SHOULD
fall into place =) I'll post some snippets I have using a 50 level system.

*Class.c Magic-User Level Defines*
   case 50: return 27830000;
      /* add new levels here */
      case LVL_IMMORT: return 35000000;

*Class.c Magic-User THAC0 Defines*
    case 50: return   1;
    case 51: return   1;
      log("SYSERR: Missing level for mage thac0.");

*Structs.h Level Setting Defines*
#define LVL_IMPL 54
#define LVL_GRGOD 53
#define LVL_GOD  52
#define LVL_IMMORT 51

And so far no compile errors whatsoever. ITs only a suggestion really since
I am not the greatest coder and my knowledge was gained just from reading
the code, and a little reading of a book or two for reference. Hope that

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