Re: Adding More Levels to Circlemud

From: Gerald Florence (
Date: 01/12/02

>new codebase I'm making. I want to add more levels to it. 100 Mortal Levels
>and 107 Immortal Levels. I already searched the archives and found nothing
>really useful. They only explain someone elses problem which relates
>to mine. Also they refer to WTFAQ which isn't on the net anymore which is
>bad. I can't find a updated version of adding levels. If anyone can tell me

umm...I'm a relative newbie to this list and Circlemud (as of late December
2001), and I've found the WTFAQ list.  I found it because I go through
EVERYTHING and from what I've noticed from various people, that there seems
to be a pattern where they use the list to ask questions before checking
thoroughly.  I'm not saying you didn't check but it seems that you should
have found it.  Anyways...I've listed the url for the WTFAQ below.

This is a note to all of the other fellow newbies like myself, read the
entire circlemud website.  Go through the faqs.  Check out the ftp site and
read the indexes that's located in every directory.  I've printed out the
indexes so I could have them onhand and easily find what I'm looking for.
Also, there's two sources of the discussion postings.  There's the online
version with a basic search function and there's the ftp archive.  Use both.
This will help you with getting what you need and not irritating the older
members because they seem to get the same questions over and over.

Gerald Florence (Septe)

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