[FLAME] Re: [CIRCLE] Adding More Levels to Circlemud

From: Karl B Buchner (zerker@juno.com)
Date: 01/12/02

First let me say that I do not like flaming.  Here's my first go
at it, sorry if its a bit long.

> >new codebase I'm making. I want to add more levels to it. 100
> Mortal Levels
> >and 107 Immortal Levels. I already searched the archives and found
> nothing
> >really useful.

I know there is a file on adding levels on the FTP site.  I've read it.
First...I would NOT suggest changing levels as your first modification.
Changing your number of levels will take many hours if you do it
without good enough knowledge of C to write formula functions.
Also, It will upset game balance, and you will have to rewrite all of
your world files to accomadate.  Wait until you have a good player
base and good coding knowledge and a full staff of builders before
changing levels.  Changing levels is undoubtably the first thing a
newbie coder will try to do...Oh, look here's the define for
LVL_GRGOD...lets change this to 105 and see what happens...
This does NOT work.  There are extensive code modifications and
huge tables to rewrite if you want to change your levels (almost
all of class.c must be rewritten and expanded if you change levels
around...as well as many other things.  Do not change your levels.
are macros that are used throughout the code...if you do not have
them #defined you will have to find every place they are used in
code (164 for LVL_IMMORT alone on stock w/ dgscripts and olc)
and change it to your new system.  Is this the kind of work you want
to do to change your levels?
Without good coding knowledge, you will probably fail in changing
your levels, so I wouldn't even attempt it.  Go back to a version of
the code before you modified the levels (or remove any modifications
you did if you can remember them) and be content with 30 levels
until you get good enough at coding to realize all of the work
that you must do to change the number of levels (both coding
and world building).  And to end, an exerpt from the first message
you should have gotten from the mailing list...the FAQ:

    >I am interested in having a level system of 1-50 mortal and 51-60
    > imms. I am also interested in adding races and classes. How can I
    > accomplish these things?
    By checking the FTP Site under the contrib/ directory.  Learn a lot
    from there.  Above all, *know* the FAQ.

there...it says that if you want to change your levels, look on the FTP
there is information on it there.  If your looking for a patch that you
download and *zap* have all the levels you want, there isn't one and
probably will never be one.  If you have 100 levels, you need 200 skills
and spells to support them...or else getting a new level will mean
but more hp/mana.   As soon as you have written 100 skills, you should
understand the codebase well enough to try to make this modification--
and then you'll only have another 3000 or so lines to finish up the level


> umm...I'm a relative newbie to this list and Circlemud (as of late
> December
> 2001), and I've found the WTFAQ list.  I found it because I go
> through

Now here is a newbie who is probably going somewhere...take his example,
read everything, absorb everything, study the code, and you will be
successful in the world of MUD coding.  Sending messages to the
list saying "Help me, I'm a newbie!!!!!" will get you nowhere.

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