Re: [FLAME] Re: [CIRCLE] Adding More Levels to Circlemud

From: Chi Hue (
Date: 01/12/02

Im using a reply, because I just want to touch this topic
of newbies always wanting to add more levels, usually 50,100, or 200.

>First...I would NOT suggest changing levels as your first modification.

I would highly agree to this of course.
What I want to know, is why do ppl want to change levels to be so high
all the time? Its not ho wmany levels you have, its what it takes to
get there (in my opinion). The main mud I have has 10 levels, and 4 immortal
levels (I was going to put to 5, and make it only allow the imp in the code
to be this level, but havnt bothered yet). The thing is, It takes alot to go
from level
2, to level 10 (This is circlemud btw). Instead of trying to first code in
more levels,
why not try to code in reasons, obstacles, and such, to get to higher
levels, status, that
already exist?
    As a side note, Im also writing my "short?" way of coding new stuff as a
which I learned way back. As well, its a good idea to start with spells,
then skills.
There are MANY tutorials, help, etc, for these, and it will help you to
modify code
that requires more than just editing a single function.
---Just my Thoughts on How to begin coding as a newbie---
1. Always backup source before begining editing, even the simplest of
things, in a
    compressed file, including the date (time if you choose) in the file
2. Begin Coding, Using ALOT of comments, always backing up the original code
    that you modified/deleted (b4 you modify delete it :p )..
3. Test/Retest, then test some more! and dont remove the backup, even if you
    the code works fine.
4. Backup all your files at LEAST once a week, if not everyday, Especially
when first building, coding, etc.

I am sure I missed something, if not alot, but this was a short little
thing. Does anyone agree, comment on my feelings of ppl always wanting to
add alot of levels?
                        Chi Hue

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