Re: [Cygwin] I have problems using Cygwin.

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/12/02

> Hi everyone my name is Hero. I'll get to the point. I have used Cygwin
> before like about 9 months ago. Downloaded it, installed it, and it compiled
> Circlemud30bpl17 easy. Now when I got a new comp (which isn't good before my
> other one) I download Cygwin without no mods just as it is, installed and it
> didn't compile Circlemud30bpl17 or any other Circlemuds.
> Am I doing something wrong? My NEW so called comp up is running on
> Windows 95 with 300 mbs of free space. As for the Cygwin version it was
> the lastest version of Cygwin at Linux. Also one thing is do I select any
> packages that I did that weren't marked with the normal downloaded? Any
> questions about this, replies, and help from anyone is welcome. Thanks. Just
> don't spam the circlemudlist either.

        As the other post stated, it's better to download the full package
if you haven't yet.  Otherwise, I've noticed that cygwin has issues
sometimes correctly updating the path variables, especially on 2000 and
I'd assume XP (since they use the same nt-like mechanism).

        Go make sure that c:\cygwin\bin\  (or whereever your binaries are
located) are actually in the path.


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