Re: Adding More Levels to Circlemud

From: Abraham Dizon (
Date: 01/13/02

>umm...I'm a relative newbie to this list and Circlemud (as of late December
>2001), and I've found the WTFAQ list.  I found it because I go through
>EVERYTHING and from what I've noticed from various people, that there seems
>to be a pattern where they use the list to ask questions before checking
>thoroughly.  I'm not saying you didn't check but it seems that you should
>have found it.  Anyways...I've listed the url for the WTFAQ below.

Well Gerald as you know. If you knew what I was talking about you would
understand. I was talking about the old WTFAQ. I didn't hear about the new
WTFAQ until now. Of course most peeps would of known about the old one.
Since you are knew and all make sure you know what your saying. I been
through it all dozens of times. New shit I mean stuff comes in and goes.
Thanks anyways. Not be an ass or so. But don't shame others as you would
want to shame yourself.


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