Adding More Levels to Circlemud

From: Abraham Dizon (
Date: 01/12/02

Okay Circlemud is up and running on my comp now. Thanks to those that helped
me start Cygwin again :P Okay well my objective right now is to make a new
Codebase from circlemud. A total facelift is going to come. Right now on the
new codebase I'm making. I want to add more levels to it. 100 Mortal Levels
and 107 Immortal Levels. I already searched the archives and found nothing
really useful. They only explain someone elses problem which relates nothing
to mine. Also they refer to WTFAQ which isn't on the net anymore which is
bad. I can't find a updated version of adding levels. If anyone can tell me
where I can find one that would be great. I know about making changes in
structs.h and class.c but I probably forgot something else. Or could ya
explain how I do it step by step? If I successfully get to add more levels.
I'll send it in along with those that helped me to help others that are
trying to do same. Which is add more levels. Thanks all.

- Hero

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