Re: randomising

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/14/02

> thanx for all your help... speed was just an example.. i am actually
> making a customizable attack system... where you meditate the
> name of the attack and it would be like

        Okay, I guess I still have one or two questions about it; are
these commands intended to be run in the middle of battle, or is this a
pre-battle thing?

        Is the main point of this to allow players to have some sort of
personally named attack messages regardless of weapon used?  Basically a
sort of cosmetic thing?

        Perhaps you're not even going to be using weapons in your system?
I keep getting this wierd idea that you're going for an anime-style,
dragonball-zish system.

        If this is one of your first programming exercises, I'd recommend
(for now) just going through and changing or adding weapon types manually.
It's not that saving them or the sort is very hard, but do you really want
users to have the ability to define their own messages?  Aside from the
fact that they're going to be stumped at the syntax of an act message, and
that you're going to have to add in a few 'make sure this is act statement
is valid before I allow it' checks, what about potential vulgarities?

        Someone, eventually, will type "meditate 'mighty schlong upside
your head attack!'," or the sort.

        Now, adding new attack types isn't too difficult, but it's still a
bit involved.  Try going to and running through that
to give you a start.

        Would you really make your players add 12 messages per individual
unique skill?  If so, just save them in the player file (wipe player file,
or convert a binary file if you're ready for it), and you should now have
the experience with the circlemud code to know which routines you'll need
to patch to get it to work.


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