Re: randomising

From: matt (
Date: 01/14/02

>         Perhaps you're not even going to be using weapons in your system?
> I keep getting this wierd idea that you're going for an anime-style,
> dragonball-zish system.

it's not my first excersice.. and i know circlemud fairly well... there
will be a syntax.. or character limit on the attack name and the message
will have guidlines to it.. all that will be explained in attackedit so i
thought of that in advance... for now.. i just wanna find out how to make
it random =P.. and yes it is an anime-ish style game... no weapons... and
i'm planning to make it more or less application only so then i will
weed out all the potential 'shlong upside your head attacks' also if anyone
knows of any cheap australian or free mud hosting companies i would
be real greatful.. cuz so far my mud is restricted to the linux box next to
me which is a waste when i could have it open as aplha... with people
building on it... so yeah.. also this is totally battle unrelated except for
the attack is put into use... meditate will be a training command to learn
new spells pretty much.. i was calling them skills.. but there basically
spells.. as for attack type i dunno i think i'm tired.. it's mainly to have
the attack message so i aint to concearned about that at the moment.. most
of that is going to come into the actual attackedit command.... the meditate
command will temporary save the new spell learned in the pfile... untill it
edited in the attackedit.. then i'm thinking of having them stored in
file as i have ascii pfiles.. i was thinking of making soemthing like
(pfilename).spelland getting that checked everytime they log on blah
i hope this has helped some even though i have gone right off where i
started.. the random bonus i'll say.. so i'm off to bed now anyway

any input will be greatly appreciated



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