Regarding Del's bundled bpl18, and color related greetings.

From: Bill Zaparanuik (
Date: 01/14/02

Hello list, it's good to be back.. After taking a year off from the computer world I'm alive and ready to return full force. =]  I know the following question and or statements are somewhat frowned upon as they are documented slightly by responces to the same type of question contained in the list archives.  However, I have tried to various methods of apparent sollutions with no luck.

What I have:
 Easy Color 2.2 - that should read files like greetings with the '\c##' codes.
 Query Ansi related code - that sets PRF_COLOR_1 & PRF_COLOR_2 to
                                       positive upon connection.

The dilema:
Although color is displayed appropriately during the MOTD, it writes the GREETINGS file to the screen with the color codes attached.  In other words - no color -.  The last bpl I worked on was 17, that of which I had the above working.. mind you it was with the manualcolour addon, and not Easy Color.  I am just wondering if the processing and or output of greetings has changed from version to version of CircleMUD or wether or not I am failing to see the true problem?  (More than likely a quite simple one at that).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  Bill Zaparanuik

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