Re: Area Deisgner

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/15/02

> >I am looking for an area designer for Windows.  I'm sure theres something
> >about it in the archive but I cant find anything, maybe I am typing
> >something wrong?  If anyone knows of one, let me know please...
> I'm working on a program that will edit area files associated with my MUD,
> but it will be long before i finish, unless someone can teach me how to
> program win32 API programming, so that i can make a nice GUI for it.
        Not that the program I wrote is the only one, but it does have
source code, and about 90% of it is functional (I have all the bug reports
from previous individuals, and actually have a new version ..somewhere..
that does color codes as well..)

        It's called cbreak and can be found at

        That should include the source code, else I believe there's a
pathetic web page with screen shots at
though my name server is flaky and saying that site doesn't exist (though
I know it does).

        The version has known bugs, and thanks to several people
submitting bug reports (which still haven't been fixed in a new release),
there are several more to fix.

        All the same, it's a good starting point if you want a
mostly-working offline editor :)


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