Re: bpl20 release candidate

From: Paolo Greco (
Date: 01/15/02

 >>Blunt Punch   /  Cutting Punch   /  Impaling Punch
 >>Blunt Rake    /  Cutting Rake    /  Impaling Rake
 >>Blunt Swing   /  Cutting Swing   /  Impaling Swing
 >>Blunt Thrust  /  Cutting Thrust  /  Impaling Thrust
Wonderful idea... sound very gurps-like, ando i love it =)

But this way we'll have to define different amounts/kind of damage for
each weapon: a rapier impaling thrust is a "low energy" damage for
armor, but is very gory, while a punch using the "fornimento" (here the
"cage" that covers the "handle" is called this way) would be less
painful but could be used in a grapple.
What about XML support for bpl 21? =))
    Paolo Greco

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