Need help from you coders who've seen Dragonball Z..

From: Aaron Crabtree (Pheobus2@YAHOO.COM)
Date: 01/16/02

Okay...Im a newbie coder, and have a circle code thats been modified to fit
a Dragonball Z theme.. I need help, and this is for you who know what I'm
talking about, writing a fusion code. It would be for the Saiyan and
Halfbreed classes only(There are no races, I didnt make the code, I just
use it) There would be 2 versions, one would be a skill, and the other
would be brought on by a item. What I need it to do is fuse the two
character together for a set amount of time. Then the diffuse, and it could
only be done like once a mud year or so. If there is anyone who can help me
with this, I would be foreever grateful.

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