Re: C-Break

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/18/02

> Okay about that c-break program, i want to learn how to program a
> drag-n-drop environment, so that people can drag their rooms around and make
> it look nice and stuff, also so it gives them a better idea of how their
> zone works.
        Ah, that would be nice.

        Unfortunately, I never did write an overhead mapper, though I have
part of that control worked out, I had some minor .. uhm...

        They were all theory though, not programming, so perhaps you can
help me out here!

What we know:

        It is simple to display a 2-dimensional grid as a repreentation of
a mud 'room' structure, so long as those rooms can be laid 'flat' on the

        With not too much effort, you can make this 3 dimensional by
stacking layers of 2-d grids.

        With a bit more effort, you can even allow 'stretching' -
traveling south 5 rooms is the same as traveling one room east, one room
south, and one room west.  The middle room is just 'long'.

        When a world builder is building a zone, they will not create it
all in one session.. Instead they'll have many sessions.  During that
time, and any later time, we need to give them an IDENTICAL representation
of the zone as they saw last time.  So, if they stopped working in the
upper left corner, room 44, when they come back, room 44 will be in the
same location relative to every other square.

What I don't know:

        How do we handle non-geometrically correct areas - rooms that link
to themselves, or exit north to enter from the west?  How to add/display

        How do we load any given file and insure that it is the same as it
appeared the last time we loaded it - in a relative sense. Keep in mind,
rooms may be added or deleted between loads, or by the program itself!

        THere's a few other things, but those are my major issues.

        Any discussion on those (Even saying 'that's not necessary and
here's why) would be appreciated.


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