Re: C-Break

From: Sam Moggach (
Date: 01/18/02

Well, i've got some ideas on how that sort of thing might work.

First of all, we could include in the main world save file for their zone,
which instance they would be in, and then take some sort of "snap shot" of
how things look. To get a better idea of the GUI i have in mind you'd have
to download a program called Jeskola Buzz, which can be downloaded at It's digital music composing program, nothing
to do with MUD's at all but that's the kind of GUI that would be good.

My idea is, Each room will be represented by a small bitmap (soon, maybe,
when you click on the small picture it will grow and you can edit certain
aspects of it, wouldn't that be cool?)and to save exactly where the person
was we'd simply add to a save file the Part of the program they were in
(maybe the mob editing section) and if that section involved the drag-n-drop
GUI, we'd simple save the position of all of the bitmaps on to the file, and
load them all into the same spot when the builder next runs the program.

P.S. i'm still new to win32 API programming, i'm just starting to understand
how bitmap resources work and that sort of thing. i Still need to get into
dialogue windows though.

- Micken
( 3932)

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